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Sex Doll Guides

Common items for your sex doll

1. Shower gel, I use baby ones, Johnson & Johnson Yumeijing, which is neutral and smells good.

2. Vaginal cleaners, one for a dollar, buy more and cheaper. It can be used repeatedly, one for each part, if you don’t mind, you can use it alternately.

3. Talcum powder, you can smell it. If you like the one, the talcum powder on the doll will taste better than others. Johnson & Johnson, BABY, anything, nothing is required.

4. Choose towels that do not shed hair. There is a kind of very absorbent towel that works well.

5. Make-up cotton, also called makeup remover, will put pictures one by one, mainly used with olive oil. It can clean the dirt that can’t be washed off locally, and can also be used to remove slight stains.

6. Olive oil, simple is enough, it doesn’t need to be very expensive. Generally, I use it very wastefully for maintenance. It may be lazy. I use this to wash dirty things and remove makeup.

7. Cosmetics. This mainly depends on the taste. I personally like the refreshing type. The smell is too heavy. You can smell it when you buy it.

8. Small watering can, small, one is more than 2 pieces, mainly used to care for wigs, wigs are not smooth, there is a mixture of conditioner and water in it, if you only tie your hair, you can use water directly.

9. Lubricant, condom, these are the most commonly used, it depends on personal preference, but recommend a female condom, after using it, just throw the condom without washing.

10. Fu Yanjie, just buy one at will, as long as it does not expire.

Don’t use alcohol, don’t use alcohol, don’t use alcohol, tell the important things three times. Don’t use it easily. The body wash is enough. For the vagina and anus, you can use Fuyanjie, and it is more targeted. I remember that some time ago, there was another 84, which is really NO Zuo no DAI. No one can fix it when I send it back. All scrapped.

11. Fake nails, nail remover towel, you can buy it yourself, basically you can use it. Disassembly and installation are technical tasks. It depends on how it fits. Taobao has fake nails painted directly, and some are transparent and need to be self-made.

12. Nail polish, feel free. Not much to say about this.

When using nail glue, use less glue. It’s best to find a toothpick to dip it in and not pour it directly up. The same is true for the repair fluid. Last time someone asked me what to repair, the opening got bigger and bigger. He sent me a photo and almost laughed at me. The glue was all over, and it was directly on the surface. It is recommended to go to the store where you bought it to fix the video directly. The first is to take care of it, and the second is fine. The glue will be done as soon as you get it.

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